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We offer a small but growing selection of miners, mining equipment, and accessories.  Our goal is to create a single source of mining tools and supplies for our customers so they can work with a company they trust in such an unregulated industry.  If there is a product you would like us to test and consider offering please reach out to us at orders@epiclootsmining.com






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IC847 Riserless Motherboard (OUT OF STOCK)

The IC847 is a riserless motherboard made just for mining with a unique PCIe connected riser board.  Similar to the TB250,  these boards hold up to 8x GPU's, come with a built-in intel CPU, and are conviently powered using 8x 6-pin PCIe connecters.  They work great with an old server power supply with breakout board, or even an old ASIC power supply.

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