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Getting started GPU Mining


With over 70 different algorithms across over 6,000 different coins getting started GPU mining can be more than daunting.  Fortunately Epic Loots Mining is here to help you get started.


First things first you need to decide what you want to mine, but before we can do that we will need to determine what kind of equipment you have to work with.  GPUz is an amazing tool for just this purpose.



Once you have determined if you have AMD or NVIDIA GPU in your PC the you will want to head over to your favorite profit calculator to help determine what coin/algo to mine.



After you have chosen a coin to mine based on either profitability or speculation its time to download some mining software.  The following is a list of the most popular mining software's.  There are more out there so if you don't find what you're looking for here then search the web or send us a message and we will help you get setup.



Once you have your software installed, there are only 2 steps left to becoming a full-fledged crypto miner.  Next will be to download a wallet.  There are lots of wallets to choose from, and every project will have a 'native' wallet that you can download from their site or Github repo.  If you want a multi-asset wallet to hold your coins here are a few suggestions.



Your almost there!  The only set left is to pick a mining pool to mine on.  You can try your hand at solo mining, however unless you have a powerful rig made up of dozens or top end GPU's, it doesn't make sense, so your most profitable solution is a pool.  To find a pool, either ask the project team for a suggestion, or try and search it on:



That's it!  Just follow your pools directions to connect your miner to their pool and start hashing away!


If you find your having trouble getting your mining software setup, drop us a line and we will be happy to help.












Auto profit-switching mining


Everyone wants to maximize their profits mining, however we can't all be there all the time to change algorithms as the market fluctuates.  Fortunately there solutions for just this problem.


Cudo Miner

Cudo Miner is arguably the best auto profit switching gpu miner on the market.  Its free to you, configures its own pools, pays you out in your choice of BTC, ETH, RVN, and more.  You can set it to only mine when your PC is idle, or schedule it to run at certain times of the day.  Their advanced software has the ability to handle overclocking, strap timing, and more.  There is also a new feature on the way in 2020 that will allow for integrated machine learning, and AI rental to maximize your profits when the coin market is low.


Smart Mine

Smart miner is a new miner can handle a vast array of crypto currencies automatically switching to the most profitable one at the time.  You will have to setup you own wallets and pools.



AIO Miner is an All-In-One miner that come jam packed with a dozens of miners.  This one will require more technical skill and understanding of crypto mining, but for the more advanced users this is a powerful tool.  With the ability to customize your pools and profit schedule, you can maximize your profits to your desire.











Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning 


Crypto currencies are not the only work you can do with your GPUs.  A fast growing industry that requires very similar computational power is the world of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.  Both require a large amount of computational ability that can best be performed by a GPU.  These services can pay significantly more than mining, however they require much more from your RAM and CPU per GPU.



Vector Dash puts your GPU to work playing video games for other.  They pay anywhere from $60 to $100 per GPU however they do have special requirements per system and per GPU.  Check them out today. is market place much like NiceHash where you can list your rig for rent.  Again with AI and ML there are special requirements so head on over and see it if fits for you